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A perforated bowel is bad enough, but it can lead to sepsis

Anytime you undergo a surgical procedure involving your abdomen, there is a risk that your bowel could end up perforated or nicked by the surgeon. Knowing this, your surgeon should conduct an examination of your intestines prior to closing and repair any damage found.

Are you at risk for HELLP Syndrome in your last trimester?

Like most people, you probably worried more about the first trimester of your pregnancy since that is when the risk of miscarriage is highest. Once you reach your second trimester, you may think that you are in the clear. However, other issues could come up later on in your pregnancy.

Did doctors fail to take steps to prevent a pulmonary embolism?

Yes, nearly every surgical procedure comes with certain risks. Even so, it is up to the doctors in charge of your care to minimize or eliminate those risks, especially if you suffer from a health condition or some other malady that increases those risks.

Help for victims of Wernicke's encephalopathy

Medical malpractice and the negligence of Texas medical professionals can lead to serious health complications for innocent patients. Sometimes, the impact of medical mistakes can lead to serious repercussions that can last for years or impact a victim's quality of life. Delayed diagnosis and other forms of malpractice can lead to grave health complications, such as Wernicke's encephalopathy.

Will you suffer lifelong consequences from sepsis?

After you underwent a surgical procedure or otherwise spent time in a hospital, doctors may have told you that you contracted an infection that developed into sepsis. Perhaps they failed to tell you, at least at first, just how serious this particular condition can be. You may also not have been told that the infection probably didn't need to progress to this life threatening level if not for certain medical errors.

Wernicke's treatment simple if caught in time

Your concern for your loved ones knows no end, especially if they struggle with lifestyle issues that endanger their health. You may have watched your spouse or children making questionable choices that threatened their safety of even their lives. Your concerns may fall on deaf ears when it comes to your family members, but this should not be the case when you bring those concerns to a doctor.

Will you be part of the 5-10 percent of ER errors this year?

Many people describe emergency rooms as "controlled chaos." That may be true, but it's in the chaos where mistakes can occur. Five to 10 percent may not seem like many mistakes, but when you consider that approximately 100 million emergency room visits happen each year, that statistic translates to approximately five to 10 million times that someone suffers from an error.

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