Bowel injuries might happen during C-section delivery

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Many Texas babies are delivered via C-section rather than natural birth. Rather than risk injury to the newborn, a C-section could help overcome issues that make natural birth too risky for mother and child, such as an umbilical cord wrapped around the infant’s neck. However, like any surgical procedure, a C-section has its own risks.

Bowel injuries sometimes occur

Although they occur rarely, birth injuries related to the mistaken cutting of the bowel duct are among the risks that mothers face with a C-section. While making the incision for the C-section, a surgeon might accidentally pierce the bowel duct. While initially difficult to detect, the mother typically undergoes an initially gradual decline in health followed by a more rapid onset of potentially life-threatening complications, including a high fever caused by internal leaking of fecal matter.

Abdominal pain and fever often occur

When the bowel duct is perforated, fecal matter and other bodily waste wind up leaking and infecting healthy tissue and organs. Many victims experience excruciating stomach pain followed by a high fever and increasingly lower blood pressure. The longer the problem goes unchecked, the more likely the mother will suffer a potential loss of life. Surgery is the only solution and often includes multiple procedures to ensure that the wound is closed and all fecal matter is rinsed and washed from internal organs and other threatened tissue.
A long stay in an expensive intensive care unit could trigger medical malpractice claims. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice cases may help to litigate birth injuries related to mistaken cutting of bowel duct. A consultation may help you to learn how your case might proceed and how to present your legal argument.