Brain injury during birth causes serious damage

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For Houston residents, the birth of a child can be the most joyous of occasions. The anticipation of the parents’ new bundle of joy and the careful planning of everything from the baby’s room to making a birth plan is all part of the process for expectant parents.

Unfortunately, no matter how well planned out, the birth of a baby can go wrong and birth injuries can occur. Recently, a couple was awarded several million dollars for medical expenses after the birth of their son did not go according to plan. The expectant mom was admitted to the hospital when she was in the initial stages of labor. Her son was born by emergency Cesarean section the next morning. However, the doctor was found guilty of negligence in several areas. The infant suffered brain injury due to the doctor’s negligent monitoring of the mother during labor and the delayed Cesarean section. Additionally, the drug Pitocin was found to be negligently administered resulting in decreased blood flow to the baby. The baby suffered severe brain injury and will need constant care indefinitely.

When a baby is injured during birth the results can be devastating for the baby and his parents. Medical expenses, both for the birth and for future costs, can reach into the millions. When an avoidable birth injury occurs, a family may want to evaluate their legal options. Doing so can help families collect compensation for their baby’s expenses, both now and into the future. Although no compensation can make up for these devastating injuries, it’s important for Houston families to know what their rights are in these situations.

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