Broken leg leads to wrongful death lawsuit

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Treatment for routine injuries can sometimes led to catastrophic consequences. A recently-filed wrongful death lawsuit against a nursing facility in Woodway, for example, stems for an admission to the facility for a broken leg.
The family of a woman who died in February filed the suit. She was admitted to the center in November 2015 after she broke her leg. She was 76-years-old. According to the lawsuit, her physicians planned to treat her fractured fibula in a conservative manner. She was alert upon her admission and it was anticipated that she would be discharged to her family’s care after her leg healed.
Approximately one month later, an orthopedist found a leg wound in a location where an immobilizer was placed. This wound became worse and tendons became exposed, according to the lawsuit.
A knee-amputation operation was performed on this patient on Jan. 27. The plaintiffs, however, charged that her condition further deteriorated because of the wound and the amputation and she died on Feb. 11, 2016.
These defendants did not implement adequate measures to prevent a wound that was avoidable, according to the suit. Furthermore, they did not commence timely treatment of the wound once it appeared. This led to the development of a stage II wound that the staff did not discover and it became unmanageable by the time a wound care consultant examined the patient.
The nursing facility and its staff, according to the suit, was negligent through their failure to prevent the development of a wound that was avoidable and by not providing sufficient care to promote healing. The six plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages.
Legal expertise and evidence to help assure that families have the chance to seek compensation for the loss of a loved one after a fatal medical mistake. A lawyer can help protect the rights of families in these lawsuits and settlement negotiations.
Source: The Waco Tribune, “Family files wrongful death suit against Woodway nursing center,” By Tommy Witherspoon, Dec. 16, 2016