Can I Sue for Postoperative Complications in Texas?

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Often, when we have something ailing us, we turn to doctors and surgeons for help. Quite literally, in many cases, we are putting our lives in their hands. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for surgeons to make mistakes while we’re “under the knife,” so to speak. In some cases, these mistakes are apparent almost immediately, but sometimes, we don’t realize these mistakes occurred until days, weeks, months, or sometimes even years after they occurred. If you are someone who has been injured during surgery and has suffered postoperative complications as a result, our legal team is here to help. Please continue reading and contact a dedicated Houston, Texas postoperative complications lawyer from Davis & Davis to learn more about these cases and what we can do for you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are some common examples of postoperative complications?

It’s not uncommon for any of the following complications to occur after a surgery:

  • Infections
  • Heart attacks
  • Internal bleeding
  • Realizing a foreign object has been left in the body
  • Aneurisms
  • Postoperative thiamine deficiency

How do I prove my case?

If you’ve experienced any sort of postoperative complication, there’s a strong chance you’re eligible for compensation, however, you’ll need to gather and present sufficient evidence to satisfy the burden of proof in a medical malpractice claim. As long as you can prove that your surgeon owed you a duty of care, diverted from the medical standard of care, and harmed you as a result, you should qualify for compensation.

How long after I noticed these complications do I have to file a claim against my surgeon?

According to the statute of limitations, in Texas, victims of medical malpractice are required to file their medical malpractice claim within two years of the date the incident of malpractice occurred. For this reason, it is imperative that you file your claim the moment you notice something has gone awry during your surgery. If you wait any longer than two years, you will likely be permanently barred from filing your claim altogether. Davis & Davis has fought on behalf of countless individuals who’ve incurred postoperative complications in the past, and they are here to fight for you as well. If you have any other questions or you’re looking to file a claim, contact us today.