Common mistakes made during a C-section

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Thousands of women get C-sections every month in the United States, and the majority of these cases have a happy resolution. In fact, a C-section is often used when there are other complications with natural birth, so going through with the surgery is actually safest for the baby and the mother.
That said, a C-section is still a type of major surgery and mistakes made at a time like that can be very detrimental to someone’s health. It’s important to know what mistakes happen and what options you have if you find yourself in this position.

Damaging nearby organs

One problem that comes up is when doctors who are performing the C-section accidentally damage the organs that are close to the surgical site. Perhaps most common is a laceration of the mother’s bowels.

Injuring the baby

In some cases, babies can be seriously injured during a C-section. A doctor may accidentally cut the baby with a scalpel or another instrument, for instance, or might be too forceful when removing the baby and cause it to be born with broken bones.

Rushing through the procedure

As you may expect, it’s common for doctors to be working quickly when performing a C-section. And it is necessary to get this done as fast as possible, in many cases. But a doctor who is rushing too quickly may make mistakes that he or she would not have made if they just slowed down slightly during the procedure.
If you or your child has been injured during a C-section, then it’s time to start looking into all of the options you have, which may include a medical malpractice lawsuit.