Conrad Murray seeks reinstatement of medical license in Texas

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Texas residents often believe that their doctor knows what they are doing and that the procedures and medications prescribed are in line with the patient’s ailments. Most of the time this is true; unfortunately, negligence within the medical community can happen and a fatal medical error or wrongful death can occur.
Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, is back in the news again as he was recently released from jail. Murray had previously been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter; he had been accused of administering a fatal overdose of a drug to his patient. Dr. Murray was treating Michael Jackson for insomnia and used the drug propofol, a powerful surgical anesthetic. Dr. Murray was sentenced to four years in prison but was released in two years due to good behavior. His attorneys have filed petitions to have his medical license reinstated in Texas.
When there is a doctor mistake and a patient suffers an overdose because of it, negligence may be suspected on the part of the medical professional. Doctors can be held accountable for negligent actions and for the harm these actions cause their patients. Many times these mistakes lead to more medical expenses, loss of wages and sometimes even death. Families who believe a medical mistake has occurred may find a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help them determine if a wrongful death has transpired. A legal professional can investigate the circumstances involving a fatal accident and find out who is at fault and who should be held accountable.
As the Jackson case demonstrates, medical mistakes can happen to anyone, including celebrities. Such errors can cause critical injuries and death, but they can also critically injure a patient’s finances. It is important for those in the medical community who err to be held accountable.
Source: Huffington Post, “Conrad Murray released from jail after serving half of his prison sentence,” Oct. 28, 2013