Dangerous mistakes made during Cesarean sections

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Cesarean sections are supposed to make giving birth safer for mothers and babies. In Texas, 35% of babies are delivered by C-section. That’s a high rate, putting Texas in the top five states nationally. Because of this, it’s important for parents to understand some of the most common mistakes that may be made during a C-section. These errors can have serious consequences for women and children.

Injuries during birth

There are times when injuries during birth can’t be prevented. Doctors can’t fix every difficult medical situation, but with today’s advanced technology, most birth injuries are preventable. Unfortunately, there are serious and preventable accidents that still occur during C-sections.
One of the most common occurs when medical teams wait too long to perform a C-section. It’s crucial for doctors to act quickly when the mother or baby is in distress. Failing to take the right steps at the right time may deprive the child of oxygen for too long, which can lead to a permanent disability. Epilepsy and cerebral palsy are linked to this complication.
Another issue that’s all too common when it comes to C-sections is leaving something inside the mother’s body. Scalpels, sponges and clamps have all been found inside women after C-sections. These items can cause serious issues that require even more surgery. It’s very stressful for mothers, and symptoms and surgeries take them away from their new babies. Patients can experience distress and possibly lost wages.

Holding doctors accountable for their mistakes

Anyone who’s had complications related to a Caesarean section should consider speaking with a medical malpractice lawyer. An experienced lawyer may help a mother understand if she and her child are entitled to damages due to medical negligence.