Electronic medical records can cause problems for patients

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As many Houston residents have noticed, electronic health records have become very popular among medical providers. Just a few years ago, most doctors were using pen and paper during appointments, but most doctors now use a computer. There are many benefits to using electronic health records, but occasionally a medical error occurs because of them which can lead to wrongful death.
Electronic health records have many benefits associated with them. They help to cut down on doctor’s illegible handwriting, the improve record keeping, and can lower health care benefits along with other benefits. But there have also been some complications associated with them that can cause a medical mistake. There can be a problem communicating a patient’s care from another facility, like an emergency room, with their primary doctor. This can lead to errors in medical management. Children who have drugs prescribed to them using electronic health records can run into problems with incorrect dosage and drug interactions. Many electronic health records aren’t equipped for kids and their unique drug needs, such as the amount of drug prescribed based on the patient’s weight. A system should also be in place to validate and examine incoming electronic health records with important test results, lab, x-ray and consultation reports.
Although there are many benefits to electronic health records, mistakes can be made. Some of these mistakes can have serious and unexpected consequences for patients. If a patient believes they were injured because of an electronic health record error, they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the injury. If negligence is found, compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.
Most of the time Houston residents are not injured by their doctor’s negligence. But occasionally, a serious medical error can occur. In these cases, doctors can be held responsible for their mistakes.
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