Epidurals may cause birth injury in otherwise healthy pregnancies

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When Texas parents are preparing for the birth of their children, they’re very excited. They may do everything to take care of themselves and make sure that their babies enjoy a safe delivery. Unfortunately, a mother or baby could suffer a birth injury related to anesthesia errors and C-sections. Some of the most common types of birth injuries are those related to the mother receiving an epidural.

How do epidurals cause birth injuries?

An epidural is localized pain relief administered by regional anesthesia. Doctor’s inject the anesthetic into the mother’s spine in an area called the epidural space, an area located outside the spinal cord that’s filled with fluid. Pain signals get transmitted to the brain through pathways that connect to the spine. The epidural blocks the transmission of these pain signals. The medication gets delivered to the spine throughout the procedure.

What makes getting an epidural risky?

There are several different circumstances that could make an epidural cause personal injury to the mother or baby. Epidurals may lower blood pressure mothers; nearly 14% of women who get epidurals experience a sudden drop in blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can lead to other complications as well as uncomfortable symptoms like nausea.
Studies have also shown that more babies are likely to suffer birth injuries with mothers who have epidurals versus mothers who don’t. The epidural itself is not the cause of the issue. Instead, the fact that the epidural slows down labor makes it more likely for the baby to experience complications in the womb and birth canal since they’ll be staying inside longer. The more time a baby spends in delivery, the more stressful it will become. Risks include oxygen deprivation.

Where can people go for help with birth injuries?

Birth injuries are devastating, and parents may be looking for help. People who have experienced birth injuries may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience handling medical malpractice cases.