Failing to diagnose a condition can be deadly

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There are countless ways a brain injury can occur. In some cases, the brain can be injured during a medical operation gone awry. Sometimes it may be a surgical error that causes limited blood flow or oxygen to the brain. Or it may be due to an issue during a pregnancy or birth. Or perhaps it was due to nurses giving the wrong drugs to a patient. The ways this can happen are nearly limitless.
A serious brain injury can lead to long-term or even life-long consequences for the victim. It is not uncommon for brain injury patients to have to enduring lengthy rehabilitation to try to recover from your injuries.
Often significant damage to the brain means the inability to function normally in society, including the inability to work or hold relationships, including relationship with co-workers, family, friends and romantic interests. Such injuries may also make it especially difficult to operate or to carry out your day to day functions.
All of us at the law offices of Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law understand the pain and struggles that brain injury victims go through every day. We have been working tirelessly for years to help medical malpractice and brain injury victims to seek and obtain the compensation they deserve. When a doctor, surgeon, medical professional or medical facility or hospital causes an injury or fails to diagnose a condition which leads to a worsened condition, the victim has the right to sue for neglect. Our team includes independent medical experts who can help dissect a case and determine whether a doctor was at fault. We work strictly on a contingency basis, meaning you owe us no money unless we win your case.