Failure to diagnose allegedly led to child’s death

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There are a number of medical conditions that can befall an individual at any given time. When one of these injuries or illnesses strikes, Texans rely on competent medical professionals to make an accurate and timely diagnosis and also to provide the proper treatment in a safe fashion. Unfortunately, though, a significant number of doctors and nurses act negligently while carrying out their duties. The results of such negligence can be tragic, as one incident that gave rise to a recent lawsuit highlights.
There, a four-year-old girl’s parents claim the child died after medical professionals failed to accurately diagnose her medical condition. According to the lawsuit, the child died from bacterial meningitis, but the personnel at the medical facility where she was taken diagnosed her with an ear infection and sent her home. Just five hours later, the child was taken back to the hospital, but she was already suffering from cardiopulmonary arrest, which eventually led to her death.
Some legal and medical professionals claim that the medical facility and its employees should have seen the red flags that would have indicated that the child had some sort of bacterial infection. For example, a blood test could have spotted an increased white blood cell count, as well as increased platelets, which would have signified a bacterial infection. Also, the child, who was deaf and had cochlear implants, would have been more susceptible to bacterial meningitis, meaning that it should have been checked for once the symptoms were identified.
This child’s parents are left with a gaping hole in their heart that will never be filled. Although nothing may be able to soothe their pain, taking legal action is one way for them to find accountability and ensure that their child’s story is heard. Entering this legal arena can be tough, though, especially when one is so vulnerable. For this reason, many, including this family, choose to seek help from a qualified medical malpractice law firm.