Get the compensation you deserve for a surgical error

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When Houston residents go to the hospital or approach a medical practitioner for medical advice, they expect the professional to use their legal knowledge for the patient’s benefit and provide the best treatment or advice possible. And this may be what usually happens, but when a medication error, surgical error or other form of negligence causes injuries in the patient or worsens their condition, patients may not know what their options are.
When a serious injury is a result of the negligence, it may lead to additional hospital stays, treatments and bills, things that were not factored into the original medical cost of treatment. In addition to this, the injuries may be long-term, affecting the patient’s ability to function in the future. In these situations, not many people may be aware they have legal recourse.
As mentioned previously on this blog, a medical malpractice suit may be one way to hold the negligent doctor and hospital responsible for the surgical errors they have caused. However, the technicalities for standard of evidence and the process may seem overwhelming, especially when patients are trying to recuperate from their injuries. In these instances, lawyers at our firm may be able to provide assistance.
When someone suffers because the very person who was supposed to follow accepted standards of practice fails to do so, we offer our assistance to them. Despite their being a cap on the amount of recovery through a medical malpractice suit, we remain committed to getting our clients the compensation they deserve to get the care they need and the life they should be living. For more on medical malpractice and surgical errors, visit our medical malpractice page.