Girl wins medical malpractice claim after batched surgery

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Properly provided medical care can be utterly amazing. Medication can alleviate the most severe of symptoms, and surgical interventions can help alleviate what would otherwise be debilitating conditions. However, despite their good intentions, some doctors make errors when providing this medical care. When this happens, a hopeful patient can be left with devastating consequences.
This was the situation for one girl who, at the age of 10, had metal rods inserted into her back in an attempt to relieve spinal pressure caused by curvature of her spine. However, the way that the rods were inserted caused the girl to suffer weakened limbs and loss of control over her bladder and bowel. Despite her symptoms, her doctor did remove and adjust the rods. Instead, she was left in her condition for 10 days before another doctor decided to remove the rods.
The damages suffered by this young girl, who is now 17, are now permanent. This means that her physical abilities are severely diminished, and she cannot control her bladder or bowel. She also had to use a wheelchair for a year following the incident. In hopes of recovering compensation for these damages, the girl and her family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit. Although the hospital claimed that the girl’s harm was caused by an unexpected blood clot, a jury found that the doctor and the hospital where he worked were negligent. It subsequently awarded the girl $135 million.
Although this is an uncommonly large recovery, the truth of the matter is that many medical malpractice victims are able to obtain compensation for their damages by taking legal action. To succeed on these claims, a victim will need to demonstrate that a duty of care was owed to him or her, the in question doctor breached that duty by failing to live up to the applicable standard of care, and that breach caused the victim’s injuries. Proving these elements can be a challenging task, though, which is why it is often advisable to obtain assistance from a skilled legal professional before moving forward with a claim.