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Welcoming a child into the world is the start of a new journey. It should be filled with happiness and hope, and begin with strong bonding between a child and his or her parents. Unfortunately, though, many parents in Texas find that, upon birth of their child, they have to focus on ensuring their child’s pain is reduced and unexpected injuries can heal. This is no small feat, as birth injuries can be quite severe, resulting in anything from broken bones to brain damage depending on the circumstances at hand.
Certain conditions, like cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy, can leave a child with diminished physical capabilities and even a decreased lifespan. Treating these types of conditions can be emotionally painful, physically exhausting, and financially devastating. At a time when parents want to focus on their child’s health, in these circumstances they are often forced to shift their attention to finding ways to pay medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.
If one of these birth injuries is caused by doctor error, then compensation may be recoverable through a medical malpractice lawsuit. The legal team at Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law are well-known for their ability to build strong medical neglect cases. To do so, we diligently gather evidence, effectively question witnesses, and research and apply applicable statutes, case law, and rules to further our clients’ positions.
In addition to aggressively fighting to impose liability, whether through negotiations or litigation, we strive to put forth the strongest evidence possible to demonstrate the full extent of our clients’ harm. This way, if liability is imposed, the maximum amount of compensation may be awarded, thereby allowing our clients to more adequately cover their damages. We recognize that coping with a birth injury can be heartbreaking for parents. After all, nothing can ease the pain felt when looking upon an innocent child who has been hurt by the acts or omissions of another. Because of this, we aggressively pursue these cases, ensuring that our clients receive the advocacy they and their children deserve. To learn more about our firm and what we may be able to offer, please continue to explore our website.