How can undiagnosed preeclampsia impact a pregnancy?

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Preeclampsia is a serious medical condition that can threaten the health of a pregnant Texas woman and her unborn child. Because preeclampsia can result in dangerous and even tragic complications during labor and delivery, legal recourse may be necessary to ensure that victims are made whole after suffering losses.

Preeclampsia is classified as a hypertensive disorder and results in high blood pressure in a pregnant woman. It can be diagnosed through a variety of different tests and assessments, and certain woman may be more likely to suffer from preeclampsia than others. Although it does not affect every pregnancy, preeclampsia is a relatively common and dangerous pregnancy complication.

As such, preeclampsia should be regularly screened for during pregnancy. The failure of a doctor to check for and diagnose preeclampsia may be fatal to an expectant mother and child. When the effects of preeclampsia are not monitored and controlled, expectant mothers can suffer seizures, organ failure, strokes and even death.

Maternal loss is a tragedy in all cases and may also result in the loss of an unborn child. Doctors have a duty to provide their pregnant patients with reasonable care, which should include screening them for common and dangerous pregnancy complications. When preeclampsia is left undiagnosed, absolutely heartbreaking outcomes may result. Families that have suffered loss and injury because of undiagnosed preeclampsia problems may have legal rights. Birth injuries and losses could be compensable through personal injury causes of action. Financial compensation could help those who have suffered from medical malpractice.