How much is the right amount of vitamin B1?

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You know that a vitamin B1 (thiamin) deficiency can be problematic for your health in many ways. It can cause weight loss, it can hinder your immune system and it is something that you hope your doctor will catch and help you with moving forward.
But how much are you actually supposed to get? What does a deficiency look like? Is it possible that you have the deficiency and you don’t even know it because you think you’re getting enough, but you’re actually getting too little in your diet?

 A slight difference for men and women

There is a small difference in the amount of thiamin needed between men and women. If you are a male, the standard recommended amount is 1.2 mg. If you’re a woman, you need slightly less, at 1.1 mg. This is only for adults who are over 18 years of age.
That said, if you are a woman who is pregnant or who is actively breastfeeding a newborn baby, then you need even more than a male normally would. You’re actually supposed to get about 1.4 mg every day. This may mean that someone who normally gets enough in their diet has to make a conscious decision to increase their intake at this time.

Did your doctor overlook your deficiency?

You expect a high level of medical care from your doctor, and that means noting things like a B1 deficiency and helping you find the right treatment. If your doctor was negligent and did not do this, or has made any other related mistake that left you with a substandard level of care, you need to know what options you have.