Is it fine to take Vitamin B1 supplements forever?

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If you have a vitamin B1 deficiency, it can have some very serious complications. You may be wondering if you can take supplements to get the vitamins that are obviously lacking for other reasons. Supplements make it very easy to get exactly what you need.
However, it’s not as if you just want to take supplements for the next week and be done with it. You’re considering a long-term solution to your problem. Can you take B12 supplements long-term?

The recommended daily allowances

It is fine to take supplements long-term since medical officials note that people do need to get thiamin, or vitamin B1, every single day. For a man who is over 18 years of age, the recommended daily allowance is 1.2 mg. This is supposed to be taken by mouth. For women in the same age range, the recommended amount is slightly lower, at 1.1 mg. For those who are breastfeeding or pregnant, an increase is allowed to 1.4 mg every day.
These experts do note that children should not be given supplements unless a specialist has been consulted first. The recommendations listed above are only for adults. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a solution for children, but it just means that you need to talk to your doctor first to find out what dose will work for your child.

Do you need to take legal action?

In some cases, those with this deficiency need to take legal action, especially if medical professionals did not provide proper treatment. Make sure you know what steps to take and what options you have.