Jackson’s physician denied appeal in medication error case

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When individuals and loved ones seek medical attention, medical providers are heavily relied upon to diagnose, treat and heal them correctly. Although medical professionals must uphold a high standard of care when dealing with a patient, errors could occur. This could happen when a doctor or medical staff is negligent. They could have missed a step or failed to take certain precautions. In other instances, patients might fail to inform their doctor about everything, and they could make a medical mistake based on this information.

Texas residents are probably well aware of the medical malpractice case surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. Jackson’s personal physician was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and his recent attempts to seek appeal have been denied.

This event received massive media attention, and prosecutors argued that the physician made a fatal medication error. Specifically, Jackson’s personal physician administered a powerful anesthetic used to help the singer sleep, and it was determined that he was grossly negligent in carrying out these actions.

When a medical professional fails to take precautions when administering medication or suggesting a treatment, it could lead to serious or even fatal outcomes. A patient could have a worsened condition or could fall fatally ill due to mistreatment or misdiagnosis. When this occurs, the doctor could face serious criminal charges as well as civil liability. Loved ones could file a wrongful death claim in order to receive compensation. This could cover medical expenses, funeral costs, damages and pain and suffering.

When fatal medical errors occur, it is crucial that these incidents are investigated. This could provide loved ones with answers while also preventing future mistakes from occurring.

Source: The Nation, “Doctor convicted in MJ death denied appeal,” April 25, 2014