Large settlement reached for family of woman who was misdiagnosed

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Houston residents who have faced an inaccurate diagnosis from their physician can feel disappointed and angry about their medical experience. Physicians have the obligation not to harm their patients, but negligence and misdiagnosis does occur.
A in one medical malpractice case has awarded a large settlement to the family of a woman who died from a misdiagnosis. In March of 2009, the patient went to the emergency room complaining of chest pain and high blood pressure. She underwent a variety of tests and the doctors ruled out many causes, except for pneumonia and an aortic dissection. A test was ordered to diagnose the aortic dissection, but it was cancelled when the patient told the doctors she was allergic to a substance in the test. There were two less comprehensive tests done, but they didn’t show an aortic dissection. The victim went home with a diagnosis of pneumonia and soon after collapsed and died. Her family argued that the hospital failed to stabilize her blood pressure and transfer her to another facility that would have had alternate tests to diagnose the dissection. The jury agreed with the family and awarded them $750,000.
When a family member suffers from a misdiagnosis it can be devastating. Failure to recognize a common ailment can cause catastrophic consequences, including a worsened condition and even death. Families who are facing this reality may want to get more information about medical malpractice lawsuits. Doing so can help families figure out what went wrong with their loved one and if medical negligence is to blame. Compensation is available for these families to help with their financial burden.
Houston residents affected by medical negligence often feel confused and angry. Holding physicians accountable for their actions can help prevent future negligent actions.
Source:, “Shiawassee County jury delivers $750,000 verdict after misdiagnosis leads to death,” Gary Ridley, Feb. 5, 2014