Legal assistance after a pulmonary embolism death in Texas

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After a surgical procedure in Texas, the patient and the patient’s family will feel a certain amount of relief once it is over and the medical staff lets them know that the issue for which the surgery was necessary has been dealt with. Many will forget that there is always a possibility of a post-surgical complication that can result in severe injury and even the loss of a loved one. One such danger is a pulmonary embolism. Understanding what this is and knowing whether it was a medical mistake or not is a key to determining the next course of action and if a lawsuit is necessary.
The most common cause of a fatality after a surgical procedure is a pulmonary embolism. When this happens, the medical professionals will often say that there was nothing they could do to stop it. Families who have lost a loved one because of this need to know the truth. It is a known fact that pulmonary embolism is a danger after surgery as well as for those who are obese or have hypertension. Since doctors know this and have a series of procedures that they use to try and prevent this from happening, it is important to grasp whether the steps to protect patients were skipped all or in part.
There are several ways in which a pulmonary embolism can be deemed to have been the fault of the medical staff. If there was a misdiagnosis of deep vein thrombosis, it could have resulted in the pulmonary embolism. Nurses can make errors like not using the anti-embolism stockings (TED hose) with patients who are vulnerable to DVT. The surgical staff might not have kept track of the patient’s post-operative care as they should have. And there could have been a medication mistake.
It will inevitably be a shock if a patient who was believed to have been safe after a condition was treated or a surgical procedure was done suddenly falls ill and dies due to a pulmonary embolism. Families of those who have been harmed and died need to know how and why it happened. Discussing the matter with a lawyer who is experienced in wrongful death cases after pulmonary embolism can help with investigating the case and pursuing compensation in a lawsuit.