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Even the deadliest medical conditions can initially present as minor problems. Yet, it is in these early stages that these diseases need to be caught to be effectively treated. This means that Texas medical professionals need to be diligent in their diagnosing of patients, ensuring that they accurately order and read all appropriate tests. It is when mistakes in these areas are made that serious medical malpractice can occur. Far too often victims of these circumstances are seriously injured and left to pick up the physical, emotional and financial pieces of their lives.
One man may be in that position now after his leg was amputated due to what may have been medical malpractice. According to a lawsuit that the man filed against the doctor who treated him, the man presented to an urgent care for treatment of what appeared to be a small wound on his foot. The doctor prescribed him oral antibiotics to treat what she thought was a common infection and sent him home.
The man’s conditioned worsened to the point that he could not walk on his foot. The doctor merely told him to give the antibiotics time to take effect. The man later returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with gangrene and sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition. In order to save his life, doctors had to amputate his leg.
The doctor in this case failed to order any additional testing of the infection afflicting the man, which, according to the victim’s attorney, would have led to the discovery of the treatable type of infection he had. Sadly, far too many medical professionals are either inexperienced or moving too quickly to give their patients the attention they deserve. Either way, when these medical professionals fail to live up to applicable medical standards and harm results, they can and should be held liable for the damages they have caused. This is something our law firm vigorously strives to accomplish, and we have been successful time and again in doing so.