Meconium aspiration syndrome and medical malpractice

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The birthing process, though seemingly easy, is immensely difficult. Medical professionals must properly monitor a soon-to-be mother and her unborn child in order to spot any complications and, once those issues are identified, these medical professionals must take quick and effective action. When they fail to adequately monitor or act in response to problematic issues, mothers and their children can be seriously injured or even killed. Recovering from these harms can be challenging in their own right, leaving victims with physical, emotional and financial damages.

There are a number of birth injuries that can be suffered. Amongst them is meconium aspiration syndrome. This is a condition where a child’s stool, referred to as meconium, is passed into the amniotic fluid prior to birth. When the child is born, he or she then may inhale the meconium. This, in turn, can cause inflation of the child’s lungs and/or blockage of the airways.

Meconium is often passed when a child is under stress while in the uterus. This may be caused by a lack of oxygen or blood. Early monitoring should be able to detect when a baby’s oxygen and blood levels are low, which can prepare them for the possibility of meconium aspiration syndrome. Also, once the child is born, doctors can runs special tests to determine if meconium aspiration syndrome is present. If the condition is identified, then treatment can be provided to prevent additional respiratory issues.

When medical negligence results in harm, victims may be able to recover compensation by pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. This legal arena can become quite heated, as medical professionals and hospitals are often represented by teams of aggressive attorneys. For this reason alone, victims of hospital negligence need to ensure that they are represented by a competent attorney who will do everything possible to protect victims’ legal rights. To learn more about the processes and strategies associated with a medical malpractice claim, victims can speak with a Texas law firm of their choosing.