Medical malpractice lawsuits filed after tragic birth injuries

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Expecting parents have a lot to think about: making space for their little one, rebalancing their finances and figuring out daycare. However, for many Texas families, their child’s health is of paramount concern. Fortunately, most medical professionals have years of education, training and on-the-job experience. But, despite this experience, many doctors and nurses act in a way that leads to serious patient harm, even in the delivery room.

Three Houston families are dealing with the aftermath of medical malpractice after errant delivery practices led to either injury or death to their newborn. According to the claims, the doctor allowed the women to continue pushing during delivery despite signs of distress and offering them C-sections. The claims further allege that medical professionals overused Oxycontin during the deliveries. One of the children who was born in the medical center, which is also facing a lawsuit, suffered traumatic brain injury that eventually led to his death.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but it can be especially painful when the victim is young and the death is wholly preventable, as is alleged here. It can also be infuriating to find out that similar instances have occurred in the past. That is the case here, where the doctor was previously fined for failing to offer patients C-sections when appropriate.

Texas residents who find themselves in such tragic situations should carefully explore their legal options, not only because it could result in the recovery of compensation, but also because it can punish those who have acted negligently. A successful claim could deter such negligence from occurring in the future, helping to protect future patients.

Source: Houston Press, “After Botched Deliveries, Three Houston Moms Sue Houston Hospital, Doctor,” Carter Sherman, Oct. 14, 2016