Medical malpractice leaves child scarred and bald

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Even though medical professionals tend to face the same medical complications time and again, there are many instances where they are presented with a unique and challenging situation. In these instances, doctors and nurses are expected to rely on their experience and training to make decisions that are in line with acceptable medical standards. This, in turn, will hopefully ensure that a patient does not receive any additional harm, and his or her medical condition will improve.
Yet, as one Texas couple found out, those we trust the most with our health and the health of our loved ones can make mistakes that can cause significant damages. That couple’s child suffered severe scalp injuries after a doctor decided to use a bandage to wrap the child’s head, which was quite swollen, shortly after she was born. The reasoning behind this act was that the doctor believed the child had a hemorrhage at the base of her skull that was increasing in size. However, that medical practice had not been tested or proven successful amongst the medical community.As a result of the doctor’s actions, blood could not flow to the child’s scalp, which caused the tissue there to breakdown. The child is now left with permanent scarring and partial baldness. She will require extensive medical care for years in hopes of extending the scalp tissue and reduce baldness. Her parents testified as to their fears about her being bullied in the future, and even missing out on major life events like prom and marriage. A jury sided with the family, finding that medical malpractice had occurred, and awarded more than $40 million in damages.
Although medical malpractice involving this exact set of facts may be rare, the truth of the matter is that hospital negligence and doctor errors are more common than we tend to think. With significant physical emotional and financial losses often following these incidences, victims and their families need to carefully consider whether legal action is right for them.