Medical providers sued for failure to timely treat ear infection

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Most parents in Houston have had experience with their children and ear infections. These common childhood ailments routinely make kids miserable but if there is a delayed diagnosis they can cause more damage. Medical professionals have the duty to make sure kids suffering from such ailments are taken care of and usually this is the case, but sometimes, medical negligence can occur which can result in some permanent injuries.
A father in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against his son’s caregivers for failing to diagnose his son’s ear infection and failing to treat subsequent issues from the ear infection including mastoiditis, meningitis and cerebral edema. The boy’s father believes that by not properly treating his son the medical professional’s negligence resulted in severe and permanent injuries. The lawsuit lists several medical professionals associated with Ohio University. The medical professionals are refuting the allegations saying that the care provided to the boy “was in conformity with all applicable standards of care at all times”.
When a family faces a common childhood illness they trust their medical professional will be able to take care of their child to the best of their ability. When medical negligence is suspected, families may find it helpful to consult with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. A medical malpractice attorney can help families investigate their loved one’s care and determine if there were doctor errors. It is important to hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence so that they don’t harm anyone else.
Families in Houston who have suffered from medical negligence know how detrimental it can be for their loved ones and their future. Even simple childhood ailments can lead to permanent injuries and it’s important for medical professionals to make sure they’re doing whatever it takes to keep their patients safe and healthy.
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