Midland family affected by a delayed diagnosis in child

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When medical professionals make mistakes Texas families can suffer. The failure to recognize common ailments in patients can cause significant damage. Families affected by medical negligence should be entitled to the help they deserve.
A Midland family recently went through a medical nightmare with their young daughter as a result of medical negligence. Over the course of about a week one 2011 their daughter made several visits to the Midland Memorial Hospital emergency room and the Midland Pediatric Associates medical office. She complained of abdominal pain, fever, racing heartbeat and other symptoms. Eventually her condition deteriorated to the point where she had to be airlifted to Covenant Children’s Hospital. It was there that it was discovered her previous physicians failed to recognize the ruptured appendix. Because of the days long delay in diagnosis the victim had to undergo emergency surgery. She had three pints of puss removed from her stomach, suffered multiple cardiac arrests during surgery, doctors performed 45 minutes of CPR, she suffered brain damage and lost a leg.
Because of this extremely traumatizing event the family is suing the hospital, pediatrician clinic, three doctors, and Midland Emergency Management because of their negligence. They are seeking compensation for past and future medical expenses, expected to be in the millions.
When a tragic medical mistake happens families can face abrupt life changes. When doctors fail to recognize symptoms and don’t listen to patients mistakes can happen. Medical negligence due to the wrong or delayed diagnosis can cost families both financially and in pain and suffering. If medical negligence has affected a person or their family a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice may be able to sort out the facts and protect the patient’s and his family’s rights.
Source: NewsWest9.com, “Midland family files medical malpractice suit against Midland Memorial Hospital,” Alexa Williams, July 29, 2013