Minnesota group suggests “granny cams” in nursing homes

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Many people would agree that nursing homes do not always get a seal of approval when it comes to elite care and customer, or in this case, patient service. While of course there are good and bad examples in every industry, it seems that all too often nursing homes are in the headlines for the wrong reasons.
Due to their inherently fragile conditions, it is not unreasonable to see why the elderly in nursing homes are especially prone to find themselves in worsening conditions. Afterall, in more instances than not, their inability to care for themselves, due to injury, illness, or “just getting old” often leaves them more susceptible to injuries with weakened bones and vulnerable to illnesses with lessened immune systems and aging bodies. But that does not mean that nursing homes are not responsible when things go awry. Similar to a “nanny cam” which monitors a nanny, often streaming in real time, while parents are away and a nanny is caring for their children, A Minnesota group is advocating for “granny cams”, or hidden cameras installed in patients’ rooms so that family and loved ones can watch their elderly family members from afar and have a record of what type of care the patient is receiving, 24 hours a day.
Although, as sad as it is to say, a nursing home is, for many patients, their last place to stay. But that does not mean that patients at nursing home facilities are due anything less than proper care, and that they should not be held liable for failing to follow acceptable standards, failing to diagnose or treat conditions, illnesses or worsening conditions without proper recourse for their inactions and negligence.
Source: StarTribune, “Group seeks new rules on use of ‘granny cams’ in Minnesota nursing homes,” By Chris Serres, Jan. 18, 2017