Misdiagnosis of pink eye causes permanent disability

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Conjunctivitis, better known as pink eye, is a common eye infection that many Houston residents are familiar with. Although it can be incredibly annoying, antibiotics usually clear it up in patients.
Recently, a patient was misdiagnosed as having pink eye when in fact he had a more serious condition. The patient presented himself at the emergency room with severe pain around his eye. The physician assistant who tended to him diagnosed him with pink eye and sent him on his way with an antibiotic prescription. The physician in charge signed off on the diagnosis. It turned out that the patient actually had a brain bleed and was permanently disabled because of the misdiagnosis.
When a patient receives a misdiagnosis because of a failure to recognize a different ailment it can lead to worsened condition. Enormous medical errors such as misdiagnosing a serious condition that presents itself at the ER should not be tolerated. Patients and their families who have suffered from injuries due to negligent medical staff may find that a medical malpractice lawsuit could lead to financial compensation. It is important for families to stand up to medical professionals who negligently misdiagnose their loved ones. By standing up for their rights, families can receive compensation for their unexpected worsened condition and prevent other people from suffering.
Medical professionals in Houston have a duty to do no harm to their patients. When a misdiagnosis is made it is important for these medical professionals to be held accountable for their negligence.
Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Trial starts for man who claims pink eye misdiagnosis,” Jon Silman, Dec. 2, 2013