Parents sue hospital for wrongful death of infant

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Readers in Houston, Texas, can agree that when parents suffer the loss of their newborn baby due to medical malpractice, it is a very sad situation. Unfortunately for a couple in another state, they may have lost their baby due to a hospital’s failure to properly diagnose the child. They are now suing for wrongful death.
The parents claim that after their son was born prematurely, he began showing signs of an enlarged liver. However, the doctors failed to perform follow up diagnostic exams to make a proper diagnosis.
After the doctors told the parents that their son was not eligible for a liver transplant, and that there was nothing else that could be done to save his life, they sought a second opinion.
The second doctor diagnosed the couple’ son with hemochromocytosis, according to the suit.
The parents claimed that the first doctors never diagnosed their son with hemochromocytosis, and therefore never treated him for it. By failing to diagnose and treat their son for the disorder, the parents allege that the original doctors breached the standard of medical care required of them. It was that failure, according to the parents, that ultimately caused their son’s death. The parents are seeking compensation for their loss.
It is important for families to know that if a doctor or hospital has caused injury or death to a loved one, they may be entitled to compensation. In seeking compensation, plaintiffs will likely need to work with an expert who will ultimately testify regarding the negligence in a particular case. This person, who is usually another doctor in medical malpractice cases, will undertake a review of the medical records related to the case. After investigation, if the reviewer believes that the doctor or other care provider in question did not conform to accepted medical practices in the care of a patient, the lawsuit may progress to a full trial or even a settlement.
The loss of a loved one can turn a family’s world upside down. It is important to know and understand that there are methods of compensation available when such a tragic event occurs.
Source: The West Virginia Record, “Parents sue Cabell Huntington Hospital for infant’s death,” Kyla Asbury, Oct. 15, 2012