Perforated bowel can lead to sepsis and death

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Most surgical procedures have been around for a while, meaning that they have undergone scrutiny and have been honed and refined over time. Yet, even those procedures that have become relatively routine can turn dangerous and deadly when a negligent medical professional conducts them. Victims and surviving family members of those killed by medical malpractice may find it hard to get by physically, emotionally and financially in the aftermath of the incident, which is why they may want to consider pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.
One type of medical negligence that could give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit is a surgical error that results in a perforated bowel. This type of injury occurs when a hole develops in an individual’s bowel. This can cause the contents of an individual’s gastrointestinal tract to spill into his or her abdomen. This, in turn, can cause an infection. If the infection is not quickly or properly treated, then an individual may develop sepsis.
Sepsis is often thought of as blood poisoning. It the body’s response to infection which, quite frequently, results in death. In fact, some say that sepsis kills and injures millions of people. Although sepsis can be treated, it requires quick detection and action on behalf of medical professionals. Of course, the best way to prevent sepsis it to detect and repair a perforation as soon as possible.
When an individual is injured by a surgical error that results in a perforated bowel, he or she may be left permanently disabled, if he or she is fortunate enough to survive in the first place. Perhaps the most tragic aspect of these accidents is that they are wholly preventable. Therefore, when innocent individuals are harmed by hospital negligence, victims and their families may want to discuss the situation with an attorney who may be able to help them impose liability and recover compensation.