Physician charged with fraud for medical malpractice

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When a person in Houston has medical issues that require surgery, it is assumed that the recommended surgery is necessary and will help the patient with their pain and suffering. When a physician is motivated by other factors instead of the Hippocratic Oath, patients can suffer from neglect through the physician’s medical malpractice.
In one such possible case, a physician has been indicted on five counts of making false statements in health care matters and five counts of health care fraud. He is accused of performing several surgeries that were not medically necessary and for billing insurance companies for millions of dollars for fraudulent procedures.
The surgeon reportedly performed back and neck surgeries on patients that often didn’t need them, many times causing serious injuries and leaving the patient in worse pain. He allegedly lied to some patients, saying their surgery was needed immediately. He also is accused of scheduling surgeries before receiving results from other treatments that had been done to address the issues, such as pain injections and therapies.
When a physician goes against the expected standard of medical care and becomes reckless, patients can suffer from surgical errors. A careless surgeon who performs procedures just for monetary benefit can leave patients in worse shape than they were before. In these cases, the patient or the family may be able to seek compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit, which may be able to help recover damages to help deal with related medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Such a lawsuit would be separate from any criminal or administrative charges a care provide may be facing.
It is important for all patients to know their medical rights and legal options should they receive substandard care. A legal professional can help determine if something improper has occurred and chart a path forward to seek the best possible resolution to what can be a difficult and trying situation.
Source: The Columbus Dispatch, “Cincinnati doctor accused of performing unneeded surgeries,” Lisa Cornwell, Aug. 9, 2013