Resident burnout can lead to a serious medical mistake

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When a Houston resident goes to the hospital, some of their care may be provided by a resident medical doctor. A resident is a doctor who has graduated from medical school and is now doing on-the-job training. Although most residents do not cause harm to the patients they encounter, burnout caused by their grueling schedules may lead to the wrongful death of a patient.
The schedules of medical residents have always been tough. They typically work far more than 40 hours each week and their strenuous schedules may have consequences for patients. The American Medical Association has urged medical residents to make sure they take care of themselves so that patient care remains safe. It is estimated that 12 percent of medical students and medical residents suffer from depression and over nine percent have contemplated suicide. Medical residents are extremely busy and suffering from fatigue along with being under an incredible amount of stress. This dangerous combination can easily lead to a medical mistake.
Although all doctors need to go through a medical residency it is important that they do all they can to make sure patient safety is their top priority. If a person believes that their family member was harmed by a medical mistake they may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney, who can help them evaluate their situation.
The medical residency period for doctors is a grueling rite of passage. But it is important that these medical professionals keep in mind that a patient’s safety should be their top priority.
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