Seeking medical care in the afternoon may be dangerous

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Those who work nine to five job have likely felt a lull in energy that occurs in the early afternoon. One might feel tired or sluggish, and motivation may wane. This can make it difficult just to get through the rest of the day. For many Texans, this can lead to a decrease in productivity. In the medical field though, it can result in serious harm to patients.
This is backed by research too. One study, for example, found that anesthesiologists are more likely to make not only errors, but also harmful errors in the afternoon, particularly, between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Surgeries that occur in the afternoon can also be at risk of being subjected to a shift change amongst medical professionals. When this occurs, there can be miscommunications about medications, anesthesia and other operations that put patients at risk of being injured or killed.
Another study found that doctors are less likely to detect certain kinds of conditions later in the day. In fact, when it came to detecting small polyps in colons, doctor’s detection rates decreased by five percent every hour. Lastly, research has shown that medical professionals are less likely to wash their hands as the day progresses.
These statistics, while stunning, are a real portrayal of the conditions often found in the medical field. Fatigue, inattentiveness and carelessness can result in an inability to accurately diagnose and treat medical condition, and it may cause a doctor to make a surgical or medication error. When this happens and victims are hurt as a result, serious damages may be incurred that are physical, financial and emotional. Fortunately, these victims may be able to recover compensation, if they are able to successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim. Experienced legal advocates, like those at our firm, stand ready to help these victims aggressively pursue their claims.