Should you be scared of a C-section?

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Cesarean sections (C-sections) are sometimes the safest option for the mother and baby. Yet many women fear them. Is this a reasonable fear, or is it unjustified?
A C-section is a surgical operation, and surgery always carries risks. So it pays to be prudent, which is why many doctors and patients prefer to avoid C-sections unless necessary.

Cesareans are common

Almost a third of births in the U.S. are now done by cesarean. Rest assured, if the statistical risk were high, they would not be so common. Yet, you could still be unlucky:
Here are some of the things that could go wrong during a cesarean:

  • Infection: Infections can occur during any surgery, and if not caught, treated and monitored, they could result in sepsis which could be fatal
  • Blood clots: Staff must monitor for these. If left unchecked, they could be fatal or cause brain damage.
  • Hemorrhaging: Blood loss often happens, so the medical team must be prepared to stem the flow if possible and replace it with the correct blood type immediately.
  • A cut to the baby: Hopefully, this is nothing minor, and a small nick will soon heal.
  • Breathing problems for the baby: This is a risk, but fear of it might be why an early C-section was needed in the first place.

Can you take action if you or your baby suffer?

You might be able to, depending on the reason for the issue. C-sections are sometimes emergency procedures used when the baby or mother is at extreme risk. So you need to weigh it up. That does not excuse negligence on the part of the medical staff, which is what you would need to base any medical malpractice claim on. Finding out more can help you decide if there is a case to answer.