Surgical error caused woman to have 27 additional operations

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Even the most strong-willed people can find themselves uneasy when they have to undergo surgery. Fortunately, the vast majority of medical procedures are completed without incident, oftentimes leading to successful results. Yet, the number of surgical errors that occur are more than enough to cause concern. These mishaps can cause significant harm to unsuspecting patients, leaving them with serious injuries, a worsened medical condition or, in the worst instances, death.
Perhaps even more concerning is the unimaginable errors that can occur. For example, look at the case of one Texas woman who had an operation to have a tumor removed from an adrenal gland and instead wound up with having nearly half of her pancreas removed. The surgical error has left the woman with a constant stabbing pain, caused by fluid leaking from her pancreas and into the rest of her body. The sudden loss of a significant portion of the organ has also left the woman with Type I diabetes. She has had nearly 30 additional surgeries since the incident, and she still isn’t aware of her current prognosis.
The victim in this incident has taken legal action, as all medical malpractice victims should at least consider. In this instance, the victim is seeking approximately $1 million in damages, which would likely help address her extensive medical bills and pain and suffering.
To win one of these cases, though, a plaintiff needs to be prepared with strong evidence and compelling legal arguments. This oftentimes means having a skilled, experienced lawyer on their side who knows not only how to build a case, but also anticipate and counter tactics utilized by medical malpractice defense attorneys. With this in mind, those who are considering pursuing a hospital negligence case, like the woman in the instance discussed above, should think about contacting a legal professional of their choosing.