Texas doctor accused of surgical errors

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Medical professionals receive an extensive amount of training and education, which is to be expected since these individuals oftentimes hold Texans’ well-being in the palm of their hands. Although most of these professionals carry out their duties competently, far too often unsuspecting Texans are subjected to subpar care, which leaves them serious injuries. In these events, these victims may want to take action to find accountability and closure, as well as seek compensation for their damages.
A number of Texans are doing just that after they claim they were seriously harmed by a spine surgeon. According to these victims, the doctor performed inappropriate, unnecessary, and dangerous operations that left them with long-lasting back pain. One victim is now in a wheelchair while another claims that her pain is so bad on a daily basis that she wishes she would die. One man even died, allegedly as a result of the care provided by this medical professional. The doctor has been accused of implanting devices he created in violation of FDA standards, and one victim claimed he inserted a screw into the wrong bone.
The doctor denies the allegations, claiming that he has provided his patients with the reasonable care they deserved. Furthermore, the doctor claims that he used appropriate tools and technical procedures when operating on his patients, but that the operations were quite complex. The doctor has asked the victims to sign releases so that he can discuss the variety of factors that complicated their surgeries, but the victims have refused to do so. Many of the cases against the doctor are pending, as are a number of complaints lodged with the state’s medical board.
Being injured by a surgical error can cause extensive damages which can be physical, emotional, and financial in nature. Medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and physical and emotional pain and suffering can all take a toll on an individual. This is why it is imperative that those who have been harmed by hospital negligence discuss the possibility of pursuing a medical malpractice claim with a competent legal professional of their choosing.