Understanding the trauma of a wrong-site surgery

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Wrong-site surgeries are serious medical mistakes that can threaten patients’ lives and cause them unnecessary and long-term pain and suffering. Texas residents who become the victim of a wrong-site surgery should be aware of their rights and their options under the medical malpractice laws of the state to seek their damages. Wrong-site surgeries can happen in several different ways.

Wrong-site surgeries can happen when doctors operate on the wrong side of a paired anatomical structure. For example, if a patient needs surgery on their left hand, but the operation is done on their right, they may have the proper operation but in the wrong location.

Another way a wrong-site surgery can happen is when doctors operate on the right body part but the wrong part of the structure. If the victim requires an operation on their right arm to correct a problem at their wrist but the doctor operates on the right arm at the elbow, the victim may be subjected to an unnecessary operation.

Finally, a wrong-site surgery can occur when a doctor properly locates the right side of the patient and the right anatomical structure, but performs the wrong operation on that site. These examples of wrong-site surgeries may seem shocking to readers, but unfortunately are somewhat common. Across the country, men, women and children are forced to undergo extra medical procedures to repair the mistakes made by their doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Personal injury claims with the assistance of a qualified attorney may help them get back on their feet.