Unsterilized equipment shuts down Denver hospital surgery unit

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Many Houston residents might need surgery at some point in their lives. Routine and emergency surgery are common throughout the United States. Most surgeries go as planned with little complications. But occasionally a serious post-surgical infection could occur due to the improper sterilization of surgical instruments.
The Denver Veterans-Affairs Medical Center has shut down its surgical unit when it discovered that its surgical instruments had mineral deposits on them. Due to the sterilization problems, the hospital has stopped all surgeries until it can figure out what happened. They currently do not have an anticipated date as to when they will reopen. The hospital is looking at options that include a mobile cleaning unit and other instrument cleaning options.
An improper cleaning of surgical equipment can lead to serious consequences for the surgical patient. An unexpected serious injury or infection could occur as a result. If a patient has suffered from a post-surgical infection a careless surgeon or improperly cleaned equipment may have caused it.
A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help these families determine if this serious infection is the result of negligence by the hospital staff. They can hold these medical professionals accountable and recover compensation for the victim and his family. This compensation could be for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.
A serious post-surgical infection because of improper sterilization of medical instruments is rare but can affect anyone who is undergoing surgery. Medical centers have the duty to make sure their surgical area is as sterile as it can be. When negligence occurs they should be held accountable so that other patients will not face additional injuries.
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