Veterans may have received improper brain exams

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Veterans are some of the most important people in our country. They have sacrificed many things in order to defend the United States. Veterans deserve the very best medical care but unfortunately it often falls short. One instance of this occurring has been the failure to recognize traumatic brain injury.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has determined that thousands of veterans across the United States were not properly examined for traumatic brain injuries from 2007 to 2015. The VA believes almost 25,000 veterans did not receive a property examination or were not examined by a qualified specialist. It is likely that the VA did not correctly diagnose some veterans and therefore they are not receiving proper treatment for their injuries. The VA is sending out letters to these veterans advising them that they are eligible for a new brain exam.
Traumatic brain injuries are very serious injuries that can easily go undetected. A veteran who is suffering from a traumatic brain injury can have problems transitioning back into civilian life, getting a job, and reuniting with their family. When veterans receive the care they need for a brain injury it can significantly affect their outcome. The failure to diagnose a brain injury often leads to a worsened condition. A brain injury may require a lifetime of care and therapy.
If a family believes their loved one’s brain injury was not properly diagnosed they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney may be able to help the family determine what happened and if they may be eligible for compensation from damages.
Source:, “After VA failure, nearly 25,000 veterans eligible for new brain exams“, Nate Morabito, July 6, 2016