Victim claims heart surgery mistakes led to leg amputation

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Undergoing a surgical procedure to fix a broken or ailing part of one’s body can be a scary process for a Texas resident. While any operation can introduce additional complications, surgeries on the heart can be particularly delicate. A Texas man recently alleged that mistakes made during his heart surgery led to serious complications, resulting in the amputation of his leg.

The victim was undergoing a procedure for cardiac catheterization and had a stent placed in his coronary artery. The doctor performing the surgery used a sheath to help put the stent in place. During the procedure, the victim’s heart stopped but he was resuscitated.

However, during the procedure, the victim lost circulation to his right leg. In his pleading, he alleges that signs consistent with lost circulation were present during his heart procedure, but the doctor and hospital did nothing to fix it. Due to the loss of circulation to his leg, the victim was forced to undergo an amputation of the leg below the right knee joint.

The negligence and poor actions of the surgeon, hospital, and others led to the victim suffering an additional medical procedure, as well as pain and suffering. He must now live his life as an amputee and learn how to do many activities he was able to do prior to experiencing his ordeal. Through his medical malpractice lawsuit, he is seeking damages. Damages after a negligent act like this can give victims the financial support they need to become whole once again.