What long-term effects can brain injury victims suffer?

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A brain injury that results from medical malpractice can be a devastating event in the life of a Texas resident. The victim of a medical procedure or treatment gone wrong may require long-term care and support to help them live with the serious consequences of brain injuries.

Victims of brain injuries can suffer acute pain. They may be troubled with persistent headaches and may suffer from bouts of nausea that result in vomiting. The physical symptoms of their injuries can range from disrupted sleep to dizziness and coordination problems to the draining of fluids from their noses and ears. Even after an injury allegedly heals it may continue to harm its victim.

Brain injuries can impact victims’ psychological health as well. They may struggle to control their emotions and may be angry, violent and agitated. They may struggle to form words and to speak without slurring their sounds. The victim of a severe brain injury may be left in a comatose state and may have no awareness of the world around them.

Brain injuries are serious and can be excruciatingly painful. They can render otherwise healthy and happy individuals dependent on others and subject to ongoing medical care. Both children and adults may suffer brain injuries at the hands of medical professionals, and when they do their damages may be extensive. As with all medical malpractice claims, victims of brain injuries may want to get more information about their options to understand this particularly devastating form of personal injury and loss.