What makes pregnant women more likely to develop sepsis?

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Women in Texas who suffer from birth complications may be at an increased risk of developing sepsis, which is the body’s reaction to infection. If not treated, it can quickly lead to death. Even if a person recovers, he or she may suffer from permanent disabilities like chronic pain, fatigue and emotional trauma.

What kinds of pregnancy complications can lead to sepsis?

Having a C-section can put a woman at risk for developing sepsis. Other risk factors include miscarrying, having an abortion, experiencing prolonged labor, catching a viral illness or experiencing infection after the delivery. Women with diabetes, lupus, or liver or heart disease also have a greater risk of developing sepsis.

How can women prevent sepsis from developing?

While sepsis is never completely preventable, women can lower their risk of suffering from the condition by making sure they’re vaccinated against common illnesses before becoming pregnant. They should also avoid having invasive tests performed during their pregnancy if possible. If a woman develops sepsis due to a mistake by the hospital, she may be able to sue the facility for birth injuries.

How can parents receive compensation if their child suffers from a birth injury?

Broken bones, brain damage and infections are all common birth injuries. If an infant sustains injuries while being born, he or she child could be permanently mentally or physically disabled. As a result, the parents may wish to hire an attorney, so they can sue the facility for compensation.
Working with an attorney, parents may be able to document the physical evidence of their children’s birth injuries and prove that they were caused by a physician. They may also gather evidence to show how the injuries have negatively impacted their children’s lives. Parents may be able to bring the case to court and successfully sue the facility for emotional and physical damages.