Woman faces misdiagnosed cancer with rare form of disease

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Texans and people across the nation are aware of various telltale signs of a health problem such as cancer. However, when they have a medical problem that does not clearly indicate a particular issue, getting checked by a doctor is imperative. But what if the doctor gets it wrong? A medical mistake can be minor but it can also morph into a fatal misdiagnosis. When a person has been misdiagnosed of a treatable disease, it can lead to delayed treatment, the spread of disease, and the progression to a degree at which nothing can be done and the person will die when he or she might not have had to. If this happens, the family needs to understand their rights to compensation in a legal filing.
A woman who had a rash on her breast that was comparable to a sunburn at first did not know what it was. The 46-year-old mother of two subsequently went to her doctor who sent her for a test. She received a mammogram which came back clear. There was no lump and no tumor. She had blood work and it came back as normal. Therefore, neither she nor her doctors worried about it. This was a mistake. Since the rash did not go away, she eventually began changing her bras and taking antibiotics that were prescribed by a different doctor. It did not help. It took a web search to discover the real problem.
The woman found that she had all the symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). She had been misdiagnosed cancer for close to a year when a biopsy discovered the truth. It was at stage four. The woman is receiving treatment in Texas. It has slowed the progression, but cannot stop it. While it makes up only 1 percent of the breast cancers that people get, it is frequently diagnosed too late to help. The prognosis is that a person with this level of cancer can live for three to five years.
The failure to diagnose cancer is a mistake that can cause people who could have been treated to grow sicker and potentially die. Because this is such a troublesome and prominent issue, people who have been subjected to it need to understand their rights to be compensated. Patients are not supposed to find the disease online, doctors are supposed to diagnose and treat it. When there has been this level of a mistake, a lawyer can help with pursuing a legal case. It is important that people who have been victimized in this way get legal assistance.
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