6-year-old suffers from misdiagnosis

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When a child becomes sick for no apparent reason, Houston parents know how scary a situation that can be. Parents trust that medical professionals are skilled in diagnosing whatever is wrong with their child and doing their best to make them well again. A misdiagnosis in a child can lead to a worsened condition and even an unexpected death.
A six-year-old recently underwent a medical nightmare when her symptoms were misdiagnosed. The girl was so gravely ill that she was throwing up blood. Her mom rushed her to the hospital. She received several different answers from doctors about what was wrong with her daughter, all of them were incorrect. They said she had allergies, gastritis, migraines and a tumor in her throat. Finally, after three agonizing months a doctor determined the right answer, that the girl had an aneurysm in her mouth. The aneurysm was caused when surgeons injured an artery in the girl’s mouth from a tonsillectomy performed 6 months prior. The aneurysm was on the verge of bursting which would have killed the girl. The surgeon was able to rebuild the artery the aneurysm was on and saved the girl’s life. If the prior doctor who diagnosed a tumor would have removed the mass she would have died. Thankfully her mom sought out multiple opinions on her diagnosis.
So many Americans face a medical misdiagnosis each year. Recent studies have shown that up to 20% of diagnoses are not correct. A person who suffers from a worsened condition or even death because of a misdiagnosis has a right to hold their negligent medical professional accountable. An attorney skilled in medical malpractice can help a family determine what happened with the medical diagnosis and can give them options on what to do next. Families are entitled to compensation for the trauma they go through because of a negligent physician.
Misdiagnosis in the United States is incredibly common. There is always a risk that because of a misdiagnosis a person’s condition can become more severe or can even lead to death. Multiple opinions on a medical condition can always be a good idea.
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