Failure to diagnose Lyme’s Disease cripples man

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Houston residents who have dealt with chronic medical conditions with no answers know how frustrating and painful life can be. Misdiagnosis of a disease can lead to serious complications. A 34-year-old man has suffered recently over years of an undiagnosed disease.
The man, after seeing over 15 specialists, was finally diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. The man’s symptoms started over five years ago with a twitch of his finger. The family sought the advice of neurologists who gave him the wrong diagnosis of anxiety, depression and even Parkinson’s. These misdiagnoses lead to a worsened condition, which has left the young man almost completely helpless and in a wheelchair. Finally, the family was able to find a doctor who found the answer, which was Lyme’s Disease.
The man now has to take 10 oils and liquids and 40 pills and every day trying to get the disease under control. Because his Lyme’s Disease was left untreated for so many years it also had additional co-infections eating away at his body, including West Nile and high levels of mercury and lead, that his body is not able to get rid of because his immune system is so weak. If the Lyme’s Disease had been caught at the initial symptom he most likely would not have had to go through this ordeal.
A medical misdiagnosis can be a very serious issue for patients. A misdiagnosis can mean that time spent treating a condition that isn’t there can take valuable time away from treating the real condition. This lapse in treatment time can easily lead to a worsened condition with the patient suffering more than they would have had the medical professional diagnosed them correctly. If a victim feels like their worsened medical condition is the result of a negligent physician, taking legal action may be a good idea. An investigation into the situation surrounding the patient’s medical care may be able to determine if the physician was negligent in their misdiagnosis. Compensation sought may cover medical expenses, pain and suffering and other monetary and non-monetary damages.
Families who are affected by a medical misdiagnosis can face a lifetime of medical expenses and heartache for their loved one and their worsened condition. Negligent physicians should be held accountable for their actions so that they don’t harm anyone else.
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