A prenatal infection not diagnosed can lead to a birth injury

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The birth of a child for Houston residents is a joyous affair. Parents eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newborn and can’t wait for the new chapter in their lives to begin. Most births go as anticipated with no complications. But for some newborns, the failure to diagnose a prenatal infection can lead to serious complications.

Group B Strep and Chorioamnionitis qualify as prenatal infections. If these infections are not treated before the baby is born they can be passed on to the newborn. A medical provider should be vigilant in monitoring expecting mothers so that infections can be caught early. If the infections are not treated newborns can suffer from serious birth injuries. In the case of Chorioamnionitis, the newborn can suffer from a bacterial infection, meningitis, sepsis, and respiratory problems. Group B strep doesn’t usually cause problems in adults. But if expectant mothers are not screened for the disease it can be passed to the newborn if the mother is not given antibiotics during labor. In newborns, Group B strep can cause serious complications. These can include pneumonia, meningitis, and a bloodstream infection.

Medical providers should be aware of these infections in expectant mothers. If these expectant mothers do not receive adequate treatment there can be serious consequences. If parents believe that their medical provider did not provide adequate medical care regarding Group B strep or Chorioamnionitis, a legal provider skilled in medical malpractice may be able to help. It is important to hold medical providers accountable if they have been negligent in prenatal care.

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