Birth injuries: lawyers help Texans with cerebral palsy

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Parents who have a child who suffers from cerebral palsy might be under the impression that it was a matter of circumstance and nothing could have been done to prevent it. While it is true that some instances of cerebral palsy come about because of congenital problems that is not always the case. There are instances in which a lack of oxygen to the child’s brain caused it, and it happened because of a doctor or medical professional making a mistake. It is, at times like these, a parent needs to understand their rights to file a birth injury case.
Cerebral palsy can have a variety of effects on a child. Invariably, there will be substantial medical expenses for the child’s care. That might involve a specially equipped home, the need for special schooling, nurse aides and more. In some cases, the cerebral palsy is a muscular problem for the child. In others, there is retardation. Parents who are unaware that a medical mistake can cause cerebral palsy should know the different mistakes that are known to lead to it. The following mistakes or acts of negligence can lead to cerebral palsy: if the doctors did not perform a C-section on the mother when they should have; if there was an infection that was not diagnosed if the child was in the birth canal for too long a period; if medical equipment was used improperly; if there was not sufficient recording of the fetus’s heart rate with an appropriate response; if the newborn suffered from seizures and these were not treated; or if there was an umbilical cord issue.
Given the litany of factors that can cause cerebral palsy or any other serious injury to an infant, having legal help is essential to considering a birth injury case. Calling an attorney who is widely experienced in birth trauma and how it can lead to cerebral palsy or other medical problems for a child is imperative to file a case.