C-sections can impose risks on mothers and babies

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A Cesarean section is an operation that may be necessary to facilitate the birth of a child. When a mother cannot deliver her child naturally, she may require the intervention of a C-section to safely bring her newborn into the world. While many C-sections happen every day in Texas without issue, C-sections can be dangerous when doctors and other medical professionals fail to properly monitor and care for both mothers and babies.

A C-section requires an incision into the mother’s abdomen and uterus to remove her unborn child. Whenever a scalpel is involved, cutting injuries can happen; when doctors cut too deep or otherwise fail to protect babies, lacerations can occur even prior to a baby’s birth.

Mothers stand to suffer more serious complications when C-sections are not properly done. Mothers who undergo C-sections can suffer infections, clotting issues, and bleeding problems all post-surgery if their wounds are not properly treated. When serious, these complications can be fatal to new mothers.

Additionally, C-section patients may be subjected to additional interventions that natural birth mothers will not have. Anesthesia is necessary for C-section births to prevent pain in birthing mothers, though, for some, anesthesia can cause unexpected reactions and complications. Doctors who do not monitor their patients’ reactions to anesthesia can subject them to unnecessary suffering and harm.

The birth of a child should be a joyous event. Many natural and C-section births go smoothly and parents leave hospitals with healthy newborns. However, complications during birth can happen and those who suffer negligence can often seek compensation for their birth injury damages.