C-sections may increase the risk of birth injury

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Cesarean sections (C-sections) have become pretty common for women in Texas over the years. The procedure can be used by women who wish to forgo natural childbirth as well as by women who need to undergo the procedure for safety and medical reasons. Data from 2010 indicates that C-sections represented a third of all births in the United States that year.
There are several different reasons that C-sections may be performed. Some of those reasons include the natural birth process presenting complications that necessitate an emergency delivery of the baby; conditions like placenta eruption or other emergency conditions regarding the uterus make it necessary to remove the baby quickly; the mother is having multiples; the mother may have had a prior C-section that has necessitated the need for another one; or the mother may have other medical conditions that require that she have a C-section.
While it’s true that C-sections are generally safe, there is an increased risk of complications with the procedure. C-section complications can affect both the mother and the baby. A baby delivered by C-section may experience issues like lacerations or bruises from the surgery. The baby may also experience complications if the C-section was started too late. The baby could experience issues like lack of oxygen, cerebral palsy and other issues. Babies can also suffer if the medical staff fails to notice signs of fetal distress in time.
Maternal injury due to C-sections are often the result of issues like problems with the anesthesia or having a C-section started too late. These types of missteps can result in issues like internal bleeding, blood clots, and low blood pressure.
People who are dealing with a devastating C-section birth injury may benefit from working with lawyers who have the experience necessary to handle medical malpractice cases. These types of law firms understand the medical complexities of cases that involve birth injuries.